The NK Collection


Our little Mary had a bag of cockle shells to capture the barely visible little gremlins that whispered fear into people’s hearts. She crushed the gremlins between the shells until … Continue reading

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The Age of Love

In 1945 Iris and Fred danced the foxtrot at the Blackpool Tower dance hall. They glided across the floor like silk blowing in a gentle breeze. They didn’t win but … Continue reading

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The Boys

They walked down the street feeling like kings, they knew what it was to be treated like pigs; life at home was tough, the winter unforgiving. Every Saturday night the … Continue reading

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Jenny was 7 years old and she desperately wanted to draw, she had felt tip pens and fancy pencils galore but could she draw? No she could not. Each time … Continue reading

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With an anticipation of heart and confusion of mind, she was back in his city. Passing through each station on the metro, the years fleeted through her mind, the sex … Continue reading

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French Boy

He was French, he stuck his nose in a glass of wine before he drank it, and I mean he proper sniffed it. He wore designer shirts and cashmere jumpers, … Continue reading

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The Emperor

He was violently woken by the sound of a bazooka piercing through his ear. Freaked out he looked up and saw the top window was wide open, assuming the sound … Continue reading

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