The NK Collection

The Tower Block

Organic Exercise No. 3, Series No. 2 (Tower Block Drawing) 1962 by Stephen Willats born 1943You said you wouldn’t tell. No, you said you wouldn’t tell. I didn’t. Neither did I. How does everyone know then? I don’t know because you told. No because you told. Famida and Hasina sat on the wall outside the tower block trying to shove each other off the wall. Both strong they both resisted. I’m never telling you anything again. I’m never telling you anything again. Owch. Hasina pulled Famida’s hair. Famida managed to reach out and pinch Hasina’s arm. Owch. You let go. No you let go. Stop telling me what to do. You stop telling me what to do. Hasina pulled harder, Famida pinched harder. Tears welled in their eyes but they didn’t cry. Malachi saw them from across the other side of the concrete. He ran over shouting, ha ha you wet your pants. The girl’s stopped pulling and pinching. No I didn’t. No I didn’t. They looked at each other hot with shame. Ha ha you wet your pants he pointed at both of them. No I didn’t. No she didn’t. Famida crossed her arms. Hasina copied her. You pooed your Spiderman pants, your mum told my mum. No, no I didn’t. Yes you did, you get excited and poo your pants. Your mum told my mum. Famida gave Hasina a satisfied smile. Malachi pushed Famida, she grabbed onto the wall to save herself. Hasina stood up and pushed Malachi. Ha ha you’re it. Malachi ran away. No you’re it. The girl’s looked at each other and laughed. Malachi started running towards them. Hasina and Famida hid behind the bins at the back of the tower block. I told about you. I told about you. Arggghhhhhh. The girls screamed so hard they laughed. Malachi stared at them hard. Don’t tell anyone. We won’t. We promise. Hasina, Famida and Malachi made a huddle and hugged. Ha ha you’re it. Hasina and Malachi ran away, Famida chased after them.

Artwork by Stephen Willats Story by Nikki Kilburn


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