The NK Collection


dominicaThe mouth- watering smell of quesadillas y recetas de garbanzos rose from the tiny kitchen. Torrid Latin music blared out from the radio perched on the top shelf. Dominica’s body an exquisite work of art, oozed sex as she swayed her hips to the beat. Kito her lover stood by the back door watching her delicious curves ripple in rhythm with her chopping and stirring, the intoxicating smells made his knees weak. His mouth salivated as she reached up to take down the small clay bowls, he swallowed hard as she filled them with rich, spicy recetas de gabanzos. Seconds later Dominica’s hands moved swift as a butterfly as she tossed quesadillas, placing everything on a tray she turned and winked at him to carry it through to the gaggle of hungry mouths waiting in the front shop. They came from far and wide to taste Dominica’s specialities. To delight in her provocative flavours to hear her melodious laughter. A woman of great strength and beauty, Dominica lived from the heart and loved through her soul; intense passion, filled her every breath.

Painting by Jeremy Worst by Nikki Kilburn


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