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maryOur little Mary had a bag of cockle shells to capture the barely visible little gremlins that whispered fear into people’s hearts. She crushed the gremlins between the shells until a claret red liquor started to run through her fingers. A practicing homeopath she poured the liquor mixed with water into vials, and prescribed it to those that were suffering from obsessive greed disorders. The symptoms were characterised by, fear of sharing, fear of being poor and fear of being alone. Mary was a gentle soul and tried to help those she could. Now the pretty maids that lived next door to Mary were very attractive but sadly used their glamour to lure people into their manufactured garden of abundance. The maids also laughed with glee when they chopped off the head of those that refused to conform to stand in a row. Mary despised the pretty maids wicked behavior and endeavoured to protect the vulnerable and the brave. So every night she dressed in blue and green, marched up to the heavens and rang her thunderous silver bells into the ears of the henchmen that hired the maids. And every morning the henchmen woke up with terrible headaches, unable to do half of the terrible things they had on their list of things to destroy.

By Nikki Kilburn


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