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oscarJenny was 7 years old and she desperately wanted to draw, she had felt tip pens and fancy pencils galore but could she draw? No she could not. Each time she put pencil to paper it was a distorted mess. Her faces were wonky, her stars were misguided and her cats were forlorn. She dreamed up elaborate pictures in her head but the translation onto page always ended up screwed up in the bin. She felt angry, cheated, it never turned out the way she imagined. Fed up with her own inadequacy, she started watching inane T.V shows. She gobbled them up like a midnight feast of fizzy pop and booty bag sweeties. Sugar candy high, Sugar candy low. Jenny became a T.V junkie. Press fast-forward. 20 years later, Jenny walks into a coffee shop with feathers in her hair and a spring in her step. Her television addiction abated she orders a cappuccino, sits down at a table and takes a selfie. She posts. The caption reads, ‘Frothy Coffee, my kinda down time’. Her impulsive mind waits to track its popularity. Next she creates a pastiche on her ipad, clothes and accessories she wants, music she craves and images of a NY lifestyle. Her heart starts to grumble, she scrolls down her feeds; freshly sedated she looks out the window her mind an oblivion of frivolous clutter.

By Nikki Kilburn. 


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