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nWith an anticipation of heart and confusion of mind, she was back in his city. Passing through each station on the metro, the years fleeted through her mind, the sex and adventure and each occasion they had taken turns to reject each other. She wanted this time to be different. Five days they spent together the sheet of glass between them. She blamed him, he blamed her. Both to blame, it was a self- protection that distorted their connection, muffled their feelings into anxious reactions. While he worked she walked the streets marred by the sadness of it all. They ate dinner with his friends, the warmth in the wine and chatter made cracks in the glass. During the night they kissed between the cracks but by breakfast the pane had been replaced. And here they are, their last moments together, before she goes back to her city. His arm around her, he shatters the pane but it’s too late she has built a wall. She won’t be back.

Photography Henri Cartier-Bresson, Story by Nikki Kilburn.


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