The NK Collection


The stiffness of his poise stifles the air around her, eyes glazed with resignation, she follows him, her husband into the church. He sits down eyes firmly fixed on the … Continue reading

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The Tower Block

A bottle of wine had smashed in the stair, between the 16th and 17th floor, the air stank of vinegar. It lay like a broken glass corpse on the floor, … Continue reading

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The Tower Block

You said you wouldn’t tell. No, you said you wouldn’t tell. I didn’t. Neither did I. How does everyone know then? I don’t know because you told. No because you … Continue reading

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Retro Annie

Retro Annie was a peculiar girl, she wore a hat made of beer bottle tops and string, with grannie dresses covered in rhinestone bling. She wanted to but couldn’t sing … Continue reading

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My Bitch

Last night I called him up to ask him if he would be my bitch. I had been meaning to do it for a while but I kept putting it … Continue reading

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The mouth- watering smell of quesadillas y recetas de garbanzos rose from the tiny kitchen. Torrid Latin music blared out from the radio perched on the top shelf. Dominica’s body … Continue reading

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Mariella & Leopold

Leopold walked to Harold’s sweet shop playing ‘She Came to Stay’ on the trombone, a song he had written himself in d major. Mariella sat on the curb opposite the … Continue reading

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